Sacha Baron Cohen Rips Facebook and Other Social Media Giants

As Umberto Eco used to say:

“Social media gives legions of idiots the right to speak when they once only spoke at a bar after a glass of wine, without harming the community.
Then they were quickly silenced, but now they have the same right to speak as a Nobel Prize winner. It’s the invasion of the idiots!”

Sasha baron cohen confronts social media with their responsibilities that come along with the so called “freedom of speech” … and warns them for the consequences if not dealt with it timely and correctly, just like the other people at the bar in the statement of Umberto Eco here above.

I would dare to go even further by linking this problematic issue to the loss of the critical mind due to the poor education of nowadays…

Children, youngsters, and many adults as well unfortunately, are no longer able to think for themselves, let alone check sources nor the facts…

The 1% holding the “power” such as politicians, world leaders,… managed to create a grey mass of people living in a rat race as modern slaves of their own debts to fulfill the picture perfect created by that same 1% for a mass consumption economy to honor Julius Caesar’s’ method: bread and games.

Will 2020 become the year where people will awake from this insanity they call “their life”? I truly hope so….