Do you also want to make a positive difference?

Willing to bring the human back into human resources?
Or even better…into humanity?

I couldn’t agree more with the post her below from @Oleg Vishnepolsky … work/life is not about money, it’s about being accepted and appreciated for who you are and what gives you energy (what you’re good at) …

Turn that into your activity (job/work/…) to provide for yourself and your loved ones (family, children, …) and live life to the fullest!

Be in the present, today and every other “today” coming up…

What’s your vision?
8 reasons COUNTER-OFFERS do not work

Good people quit before they resign, more money does not help because:

1. Toxic cultures that make people sick
2. Lack of growth opportunities
3. Company values are preached but not practiced
4. Dishonesty and lack of integrity
5. People get blamed for their boss’ mistakes
6. Lack of trust, of respect, of support
7. People are treated like commodities
8. Hard work, loyalty and talents are not appreciated

No amount of money is worth getting sick or being miserable.
Good people never work just for the money. They want to be happy to come to work every day. They want to be surrounded by nice people, just like themselves.
They want to make a positive difference.