The future of work remains a shared responsibility!

Key essentials for any career in the digital era

– a growth mindset
– being multidisciplinary 
– open-minded
– willing and open to live long learning 

Due to continuous changes and different needs of the market and life itself we have to adapt ourselves accordingly (supply/demand).

The globalisation & international markets require us to adapt to other languages, cultures, beliefs, local customs etc and keep an open mind if we want to continue to live together (even for those who prefer to survive in a world anything but nice!)

The biggest weakness of our educational system as we know it today is the huge gap between the needs of the job market and the competences of the graduates (supplied by schools).

We teach our students the competences of the industrial era (reading, writing, etc) for the demands of business and markets in the digital era…But it’s not only schools that are to blame, most employers today are also stuck in the past

They expect employees to work according to industrial era standards (9 to 5/top-down/micromanagement/etc) but with the competences and characteristics of the digital era with a.o. burnouts as one of the major consequences

The future of work remains a shared responsibility (from schools over employers to governments)