To live or to exist?

The question seems easy but if we’re truly honest with ourselves…how many of us reflected on this question so far?

The majority of us simply exists or tries to … get through life, simply survive, please everyone and society BUT forgets to add the most important part to that same equation: themselves!

Why is it that we rather exist than live? What makes it so easy for some and so hard for others? How do we overcome life by “existing”?

By trying to please others we enhance anxiety, stress and depression…

By trying to live by “the rules” we forget what it is to think for ourselves, we “unlearn” to live, enhance stupidity, apathy, indifference…

Most of all we loose creativity, empathy, kindness, humanity, passion, (self)awareness, integrity, … and unfortunately so much more of that what makes us “human beings” or allows us to “being human”.

We should learn to take care of ourselves again in order to be able to take care of each other, same as when we need to put on our own oxygen mask first in case the plane (our body?) we’re on is in trouble.

What makes that our society – the century we live in today – “knows” so much, “invented/discovered” so much, “achieved” so much…but yet is so ignorant towards ourselves and especially our own wellbeing?

Humankind = being kind towards humans, including ourselves!

To be continued…