My Story

I’ve always been very passionate about life and very curious about human interactions, culture, history, travel, etc.  A positive fascination for life makes me willing to live life to the fullest extend and leave a little mark, by preference a positive difference.

Exploring life, the world, myself both spiritually and mentally etc.

Not willing to pin myself to an itinerary I’ll go where the wind takes me and just follow my gut feeling, my intuition … I want to bring the human back into humanity.

Social media allows me to share my quest with you, to create awareness for humanitarian causes around the world, maybe bring a smile to your face, deliver a positive note to a bad day, offer some inspiration for your future destination(s) seasoned with some personal impressions and thoughts to spice things up a little…or not.

Feel free to follow or join me on my quest and invite others to it.
For more about me, my quest and other adventures:


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